Pre-registration Navaratri Puja 2023

In the wonderful landscape
of Val Borbera


Dear Sahaja Family,

With our modest and joyful heart, the hosting countries of Belarus, Cyprus, Greece, Israel, Ukraine, Switzerland, United Kingdom and Ireland invite you to join us in Cabella over the weekend from Friday 20th to Sunday 22nd October.

Meals and accommodation are provided with a pre-registration

Pre-register by filling in the form below so that Casa Madre can manage the hospitality of our brothers and sisters in the most auspicious way possible. Those who do not pre-register cannot be guaranteed meals.
The pre-registration will close on the 17th of October.

Registration at the Camp

Once you arrive at the Camp, please go to the Hangar to complete your registration.

Meal arrangements

Puja registration includes the meals from Friday, 20th October (dinner) to Monday, 23rd October (breakfast).

Book ONLY the meals you will eat at the camp. This will avoid food waste.
People with special food needs, allergies and any kind of food intolerances are advised to provide their own food.


Collective accommodation will be provided for this Puja.
Collective, individual or single-family tents are allowed on-site from Sunday 15th October till Monday, 23rd October at 11 pm, but only with a pre-registration. Choose your preference in the ACCOMMODATION CHOICE field. Due to Italian regulations, sleeping inside the Hangar is NOT ALLOWED.

Please note that the weather in the valley can be chilly during the nights in October. Make sure you bring warm clothes. The hangar will be heated.

If you have any health issues preventing you from sleeping in a tent and need special accommodation, please e-mail
For further accommodation possibilities in the valley and surrounding area, see the list below.

First Aid

Casa Madre will provide first aid equipment at the Reception Desk and an ambulance service nearby for the weekend. Hosting countries will supplement this service by communicating to the Registration Desk the names of any doctors attending the Puja weekend who are willing to offer their help. The doctors will be provided with a dedicated phone during their shifts. Doctor on call WhatsApp number: +39 3802656116.

Concerning Minors

Parents are fully responsible for their children up to the age of 18. Any minor (<18) on the premises must be under the formal care of a supervising adult.
In the absence of their parents, children under 18 must bring a signed document from their parents with the name and telephone number of the person who is responsible for them during their stay in Cabella. All small children must be watched at all times!
Teenagers are expected to participate in and attend evening programs and meditation.

Stalls & Stands

Whenever there is a puja in Cabella, Casa Madre receives many requests from Sahaja Yogis who wish to set up a stall. To avoid an unnecessarily “commercial” climate in a place that we all consider holy, Casa Madre is restricting stalls to fundraising and art exhibitions only. Moreover, there are further limitations as we also need to comply with Italian legislation relating to trading.
Only heads of projects of international or national significance may apply on the following link: Stall & Stands.


It will be possible to organise collective transport from/to airports or train stations. If you are hiring a car, and have spaces to take other people, register on the transport site. Please visit the following link: Cabella Transport.
If you want to organise your own transport to Cabella, please follow the instructions given on the following link: Guide to reach Cabella

Please PRINT and bring with you the “RECEIPT OF DONATION” that will be sent to you upon form submission. This will help to speed up your registration process upon arrival. (If you don’t receive our email you can check your spam and promotions folder. To ensure direct delivery, please add to your contacts, or drag our mail to your main inbox.)


Meal arrangements

Book ONLY the meals you will eat at the camp and take ONLY the meals you booked. This will avoid food waste.


Please PRINT and bring with you the “RECEIPT OF DONATION” that will be sent to you upon form submission. This will help to speed up your registration process upon arrival.


Strada Provinciale 140, 2, 15060 Cabella Ligure (AL), Italy

The Pre-registration is now closed. Have a nice Puja. Jai Shri Mataji


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Further Accommodation Facilities

Please consider the links below for further accommodation possibilities in the valley and surrounding area:


Important: this is for your information only and there is no prior agreement between Casamadre and the above-mentioned accommodation facilities.