Working towards the welfare
of the community

Casa Madre Impresa Sociale Srl ETS

Casa Madre is a limited liability company with the characteristic of being a Third Sector Social Enterprise (RUNTS registration no. 11213 dated 03/21/2023), that is, a company that does not pursue profit and whose statutory objectives are the welfare of the community in general.

Casa Madre works for the betterment of society and individuals and is committed to carrying out, within the law, activities based on the teachings of Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, promoted by the Foundation that bears her name, with the help of all those women and men, volunteers and employees who put them into practice.

Casa Madre deeply believes that the teachings of Shri Mataji, implemented in a practical way, can contribute to building a better society. The staff and the volunteers who participate in the realisation of the projects are motivated by an idealistic spirit, which also helps their personal growth. Honesty, transparency, sharing, spirit of sacrifice, trust in others, respect and kindness are the founding values of this Social Enterprise.

For more information on the purposes of this particular company, visit the “Mission” page.).

Casa Madre was founded by the Shri Mataji World Foundation Nirmala Devi Sahaja Yoga (97% of the company shares), based in Cabella Ligure, and by Vishwa Nirmala Dharma Italia (3% of the company shares) to manage all the so-called ‘commercial’ activities which are mainly carried out in the Val Borbera.
Among these are the activity of social tourism and the management of the Educational Learning Center Cabella International Sahaja School, with attached boarding school, located in Cabella Ligure.

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

Whatever adventure you are into, whatever you are doing, your attention should be on your spirit.
19 December 1987


Casa Madre favors the search for inner peace
and well-being

Social Tourism

Hospitality to all those who come to Val Borbera from all over the world is the basis of our work.


Casa Madre manages the Cabella International Sahaja School - an educational project for children aged 6 to 11, founded by Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi.

Sahaja Yoga Wellness Camp

During the summer, the Wellness Camp is accommodated in the Multifunctional Centre of Casa Forme and hosts numerous Sahaja Yogis from all over the world.

Summer Camp

The benefits of this kind of rural holiday for children who live in cities are numerous.

Musical Editions

Culture of the Spirit Label promotes music that has at its essence a spiritual dimension which, by its very nature, is universal and therefore unites and connects people of all cultures.

Own Production

Casa Madre pursues a policy of own production for some farm consumables as bread, cakes, biscuits and various jams, fruit and vegetables.