The various structures
under management

Palazzo Shri Nirmala Devi

This 16th century building overlooks the village of Cabella Ligure. For over 600 years it has been owned by the Spinola, Doria and Pallavicini families, before being purchased by Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi in 1991. It is registered as a historical site and subject to protection by the Ministry of Artistic and Cultural Heritage. It was restored by Shri Mataji and under the auspices of this Ministry, restoration and maintenance are continuing. It was formally called the Palazzo Doria but is fondly called “the Castle” by Sahaja Yogis and locals alike. It was the European home to Shri Mataji for 20 years. It is becoming a place of pilgrimage for the numerous visitors practicing Sahaja Yoga meditation who come here from all over the world.
The Palace is also the registered office of the Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi Sahaja Yoga World Foundation and of Casa Madre Impresa Sociale Srl ETS.

Albera Complex

This is a privately owned area near the Borbera River used for international meetings and social tourism.
It consists of an area of 1000 square metres covered by a hangar like structure used for events and is now known as the Nirmal Temple. Annexed to this is a shower and toilet complex. There are also open grassy and shaded areas for enjoyment and relaxation.
Further down the River is an area called the Mulino. It consists of an industrial kitchen on the ground floor, storage rooms and another shower and toilet complex on the upper floors. Next to the Mulino is an outdoor dining space.

In between the Nirmal Temple and the Mulino and beyond the dining area there are green spaces that can accommodate temporary camping in comfortable canvas tents.

Casa Forme

Purchased in 2009, this three story building located in Cabella is used as a multi functional centre.

It is managed as a vacation facility and its extensive renovations allows it to host participants in the various activities and events of Casa Madre.


Large building in the hamlet of Centrassi, private house.


Daglio is in the upper Val Borbera at 944 meters above sea level nestled in the mountains overlooking the picturesque valley. Shri Mataji bought the complex consisting of a spacious three-storey residential building and two large sheds in the ’90s.

Here, in this ideal rustic settings, Casa Madre organises international Summer Camps for children every year.