Stall & Stands

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Stall & Stands

Every time there is a puja in Cabella the World Foundation Office receives many requests from Sahaja Yogis around the world who want to set up a stall. You will understand our desire to avoid the creation of an unnecessarily “commercial” climate in a place that we all consider holy.

Moreover, we need to comply with the Italian legislation and therefore we need to respect the local law.
Below are some guidelines to the criteria that will be applied in deciding if a person or project qualifies to set up a stall/stand during puja time. Only heads of projects of international or national significance (see below) may apply.

The World Foundation will provide and reserve a table (or a shared table) in a collective stall pendal only to those projects which will be approved after submission with a confirmation email from the Office Team.

The people/projects that are allowed to set up a stall are:

  1. Initiatives to raise funds for international SY projects (World Foundation, Casa Madre, Delhi NGO, SY Schools, etc…)
  2. Initiatives to raise funds for MAJOR national projects, only with a motivation letter from the national SY country coordinator
  3. Sahaj artists who wish to exhibit their work*.

* Note
We understand ‘Sahaj artist’ to mean someone who produces artefacts (or performances) intentionally endowed by their makers with a significant degree of aesthetic interest, often surpassing that of most everyday objects. Such artefacts may sometimes have non-aesthetic ceremonial or religious functions. In all cases, the objective of offering such artefacts is not just to allow the artist to continue creating his art, but above all to share and spread the vibrations that are intrinsic to an object or performance of real beauty.

There are, however, some conditions attached:

  • The items offered should be of good quality, especially if they concern the intellectual property of Shri Mataji
  • The items offered should not be in direct competition with products offered at the official World Foundation Stall
  • Artists should make a donation to the World Foundation at the end of the puja weekend for the use of the facilities.


If you are interested and your project is on the list of allowed projects (1.2.3.), please fill in the “Stall & Stands request form” below.



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