Frequently Asked Questions


How do I get to Cabella?

There are many ways to get to Cabella. Please find them here.

Is there any food for people with intolerances or allergies?

We are not able to offer food for any special needs.

How is the weather? What should I bring ?

The weather is unpredictable. Check forecasts. Except June-August, it is cold in the night. You should bring warm clothes in addition to your Puja clothes. If you are camping bring a sleeping bag and a mat.

Is it possible to visit the castle ?

Yes, during the Puja weekend there are timings when Shri Mataji’s apartments will be open for meditation.

What are the facilities in the camp ?

Restrooms with toilets and showers; dining area with charging stations; cafe and shops.

Are sarees and punjabis available at the camp?

Yes, at the foundation stall. There is also a shop by a yogini in Cabella across from the WWI memorial, who also sells high quality clothes from India.

Where can I sleep ?

You have the option of camping in Albera (the hangar area). If you prefer a more comfortable accommodation space, World Foundation is managing 2 other accommodations, one in Cabella, one in Cantalupo.

  • For Hotel Posta in Cabella:
  • For Ciminera in Cantalupo:

Is there any dress code ?

Dignified to be respected and respectable; please cover your chakras when in public, such as shoulders and knees.

Is there a safe place to store my valuables ?

It is an open camping area; we recommended that you keep your valuables always with you

Can I come with a Camper Van ? A personal tent?

Yes, there is area available for both.

Is it possible to swim in the river ?

Yes, but keep in mind to cover your body.

How is the money that we pay used ?

The priority is to cover the expenses of the puja. Any remainder will go into the annual maintenance of the properties.

Where can I find medical assistance at the camp ?

Ambulances during the day and there are volunteer doctor Sahaja yogi available to assist on call. We also have first aid boxes and defibrillator in the hangar next to the info desk.

Doctor: +39 380 265 6116

Emergency Number: 112

Are there any health procedures at the place ?

Emergency procedures are hanged on the board at the info desk at the hangar. There are people trained for emergency scenarios and to make sure accidents are prevented.

How can I get a visa to get to Italy ?

Please send a email to with a request for an invitation letter much in advance of the puja date.

Is the water drinkable ?

Yes, from the taps, not from river.

Can my children be looked after by someone ?

Children cannot be left alone, they should always be supervised by an adult.

Can I reach the castle from the hangar ?

Yes, it is around a 25 minute walk. Please stay on the left hand side of the road (against traffic), and use a safety vest when dark.

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

“È dovere di ogni Sahaja yogi fare in modo che i propri figli crescano, come persone straordinarie, più grandi di voi. Devono prendersi cura del mondo.”
21 Ottobre 1990