Health and safety measures

Casa Madre adopts health and safety measures
in line with Italian regulations

Welcome to the Shri Adi Guru Puja seminar 2021! Before completing your pre-registration, please read carefully the Covid-19 measures in place. In order to protect each other and the local community, all yogis coming to Cabella must know and respect these procedures.

Online pre-registration is mandatory
After pre-registration, you will receive two email receipts. You need to print both receipts and present them in order to gain access to the Puja grounds.

Additionally, proof of NO COVID INFECTION is required, based on immunity, vaccination (15 days after the last vaccination) or a negative molecular or antigen swab test, taken 48 hours prior to arrival.
Do not present yourself if you have a body temperature over 37.5°C, suffer from possible covid symptoms (e.g. coughing) or have been in touch with a person tested positive for Covid-19.
Before coming to Cabella please check the following link:

Seating arrangements
Indoor places are limited and will be assigned according to capacity. The Puja hall will provide marked seating places, respecting a distance of at least one metre between non-cohabiting visitors.
Additional seating places will be available in the gardens outside the Puja hall. Please make sure to bring a sitting mat and suitable clothing, to be comfortable for the programmes.

Masks and social distancing
In Italy, the use of a mask covering the mouth and nose is mandatory both outside and inside (except in private homes). Children below 6 are exempted from the requirement to wear a mask. At the same time, an interpersonal distance of 1 metre needs to be respected at all times.

It will not be possible to provide collective accommodation for the Puja. Visitors must organise their own accommodation. Individual or single-family tents are allowed on-site from Monday 19th, but only if pre-registered. Choose MY OWN TENT preference in the ACCOMMODATION CHOICE field.

It will not be possible to organise collective transport from/to airports or train stations.

Security officers
To facilitate the discipline and the correct health & safety protocols, some security officers will be present at the camp to aid the guest in the following of the mandatory procedures. Please follow their instructions at all times.